Successful Results in the Gold Standard “Orthotopic Liver Transplant”

In Acibadem Bursa Organ Transplant Centre, liver transplantation is performed both from living donors and cadavers. The method applied during these operations is orthotopic liver transplant, a method regarded as the “gold standard” around the world. Through this modern technique, the large vein located behind the liver is preserved using surgical clips before the transplant is performed. For the success of this operation, a surgical team and equipment with a high technical capacity are required. Like every transplant, liver transplants should also be carried out in hospitals and operating rooms furnished with the highest technology. When the transplant is made from a living donor, half of the liver is transplanted to the organ receiver. Thus, the surgical process is technically very demanding. Following the transplant, while living donors can be discharged within 6-7 days, organ receivers have to stay at the hospital for 15-20 days. The transplanted liver then regenerates itself and grows rapidly to a size large enough to fulfill the needs of the receiver. 

International Quality in Infrastructure

The Acibadem Bursa Hospital Organ Transplant Centre gives service with its technical infrastructure matching international standards. Organ receivers and donors are treated in operating rooms and intensive care units under completely sterile conditions with laminar flow and state-of-the-art technological equipments. The laboratory procedures are carried out at Acibadem Labmed, a laboratory in international standards which is also a member of the Acibadem Healthcare group.

Also, the receiver’s post-operational follow-up is given free of charge.

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