Acıbadem Organ Transplant Center

Acibadem Liver Transplant Center

Acibadem Liver Transplant Center is the focus of attention with its team of experienced specialists, state-of-the-art technology and the successful liver transplants.

Acibadem Bursa Hospital Liver Transplant Team

The Liver Transplant Centre established within the Acibadem Bursa Hospital possesses all the necessary technology for liver transplantation. Director of this liver transplant centre is Prof. Dr. Remzi Emiroğlu, who has broken new ground in kidney and liver transplants in Turkey. Since 1998, Prof. Emiroğlu has performed approximately 250 liver and more than 200 kidney transplants. Prof. Emiroğlu and his team are experienced both in auxillary (i.e. without removing the whole liver),
and in standard orthotopic liver transplants. The team also has experience in every kind of shunt surgery and Sugiura procedures in patients with bleeding due to liver cirrhosis. Prof. Emiroğlu, who has performed the first transplants to adult and pediatric patients from living donors and cadavers in Bursa and has approximately 100 scientific articles on organ transplantation, 85 of which have been published abroad.

The members of Acıbadem Bursa Hospital Liver Transplant Center are; Prof. Remzi Emiroğlu – Chief of the department,  Prof. Abdullah Zorluoğlu (General Surgeon), Dr. Hikmet Aktaş (General Surgeon), Dr. Imam Bakır Batı (General Surgeon), Dr. Volkan Tümay (General Surgeon) and the Organ Transplant Coordinator Dr. Salih Gülten. All the team members of Acıbadem Bursa Hospital Liver Transplant Center have international training and experience.

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